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Will Girl's Day, B2ST, and Apink recover from their poor results from last year?

Girl's Day
Numerous CFs by Hyeri's 'Reply 1988' success. Minah's new drama gets high ratings & good responses. Yura's 'Tasty Road' gets good responses. Sojin's appearance on 'Problematic Man' resulted in her name becoming the most searched term for a long time.

Attitude controversy and withdrawal of a member. Because of this, B2ST was in top 5~8 of the most searched terms for a few hours. Ironically, it brought them more recognition. Doojoon's appearance on Infinity Challenge resulted in his name becoming the most searched term, even beating Lee Joon's name. Their new teaser was released at the same time as Sistar but they beat Sistar and were the most searched term. They're a boy group but the percentage of male commenters is 20%, which is a lot for boy groups.

Eunji's solo 'Hopefully Sky' did really well.


Pann: Girl's Day, B2ST, and Apink didn't do well last year but [they're likely to do well this year]

1. [+116, -1] They're quite of stable groups so even if they flop, they'll do above average.

2. [+95, -8] Even if the three groups flop, they'll still win #1 on music shows.

3. [+94, -8] I'm not a fan but B2ST's teaser made me really anticipated. I think B2ST will take the digital sales in July.

4. [+35, -0] As if it's easy to do become like Girl's Day, Apink, and B2ST

5. [+35, -0] B2ST is talented and all, so they'll do well for sure. Even if they flop, they'll still succeed on other things.

6. [+33, -0] Girl's Day, B2ST, and Apink debuted a long time ago, so they have a lot of long-term fans. They're different from popular rookie groups. Some clueless young fans say groups decline after 5 years, but those groups have a lot of fans that are working adults. The amount they spend is different. A few adult fans can give better gifts than 1000 young fans.

7. [+32, -0] Apink didn't do well? It was within top 50, isn't it above average? The physical sales of Remember was 130K, it's their most sold album. Or is it Luv? Girl's Day didn't do well digitally but they got good responses.

8. [+31, -0] I want Cube to promote B2ST hard this time.

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