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When you felt like a psycho

Pann: Tell when you felt like a psycho

1. [+417, -16] After getting scolded by my mom, I cried really hard. She told me to go to the bathroom to watch my face. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and acted like an actress by smiling while crying... I got goosebumps at my own facial expression.

2. [+376, -25] My heart fluttered when my friend's test score was low. I felt so happy.

3. [+244, -3] My senses are really quick but I act like I'm clueless

4. [+241, -3] When my words and my honest feelings are different

5. [+210, -1] Up until grade 4, I wanted to smack the kids who cried and ran in a restaurant... These days, I just get a little annoyed. Quiet kids look like angels and I want to touch their cheeks. But annoying kids are not likeable.

6. [+145, -0] When my friends cry or have a bad day, I comfort them with words but I don't actually feel anything or sympathize with them.

7. [+142, -0] I really hate the kids that I currently hang out with. We enjoy each other's company but when I'm at home, I think about how I hate them and how I want to stop hanging out with them. I sometimes get goosebumps at myself.

8. [+142, -79] I wanted to kill my dad

9. [+123, -5] Sometimes, I'm full but I keep on eating -_-

10. [+103, -1] Fights are entertaining. When a fight is over, I want it to continue more...

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