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Anticipated dramas in the second half of 2016

Romance & Melodramas

SBS - Doctors

Story: A girl who had a dark childhood and a guy who is a realist meet as doctor sunbae-hoobae and change themselves. Medical romance of doctors who stick to the values of Hippocrates.

Anticipations: Park Shin Hye's actions scenes & as a new girl crush. Strong line-up.

KBS2 - Beautiful Mind

Story: Genius neurosurgeon Lee Young Oh can't sympathize with other people's feelings. One day, he gets related to the patients' strange deaths. He opens his eyes to love and recovers his humanity.

Anticipations: Rebirth of 'Doctor Frankenstein'. Jang Hyun's return as a doctor in 9 years. Modern drama of writer Kim Tae Hee (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Greatest Sejong).

KBS2 - Uncontrollably Fond

Story: A couple goes through a heartbreaking breakup in their youth. Years later, they reunite as a top star and a documentary PD. Their cold and warm love story begins.

Anticipations: "Do you want to date me? Just for 3 months with passion." Chemistry beween Kim Woo Bin and Suzy. Writer Lee Kyung Hee's return (I'm Sorry I Love You, A Love to Kill). Visuals of the two actors in the teaser.

SBS - Incarnation of Jealousy

Story: Jealousy within broadcast settings. Fierce competitions between announcers and weather casters and romance comedy.

Anticipations: Romantic comedy queen Gong Hyo Jin and romantic comedy king Jo Jung Suk's synergy. Writer Seo Sook Hyang (Pasta) and Gong Hyo Jin's reunion.

TVN - Cindrella and Four Knights (temporary title)

Story: An average girl gets to live in a grand house 'Sky House' of top 1% class. She has to live with uncontrollable 3rd generation chaebol brothers. Fresh and outrageous youth romance of 20-year-olds.

Anticipations: Park So Dam and the male leads' chemistry. 100% produced in advance - good quality. Cringe-worthy but fun online fiction style.



KBS2 - Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Story: Strong friendship and love between a genius monarch Hyomyung prince, a wandering poet Kim, and a cross-dressed woman Hong. Palace romance of Choson youths that no one knew of.

Anticipations: Park Bogum as a sageuk lead & his new image. The original novel is very popular. Sageuk killer Kim Yoo Jung's cross-dressing.

SBS - Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Story: 'Hyesoo' travels back to Choson dynasty by chance. She meets the fourth prince of Taejo 'Wangso' and gets into a controversy. Politics, fights, and love of Koryo princes.

Anticipations: 13 princes. Chemistry between IU and the princes. Korean remake of a Chinese drama.

KBS2 - Hwarang: The Beginning

Story: Sageuk based on the 24th king Jinheung who led the golden times of Silla and created hwarang 1500 years ago. Youth drama of hwarangs' passion, love, and growth.

Anticipations: Flower boy hwarangs. First domestic drama on 'hwarang'. Fusion sageuk by KBS, the origin of sageuks. Produced in advance.


TVN - Let's Fight Ghost

Story: Student Park Bong Pal is an exorcist who can see ghosts. He meets a female student ghost Kim Hyun Ji who became a ghost because she couldn't write the university entrance exams. Exorcism adventure of an exorcist and a ghost.

Anticipations: Energy from the actors. Funny story of ghosts. Different charm from the original webtoon.


Story: There exists a different dimension in Seoul, 2016. Unpredictable story of jumping between the real world and the virtual world. New romantic suspense melodrama.

Anticipations: Unpredictable story unlike a typical romance. Lee Jong Suk's choice who never failed to choose a good work. Writer Song Hae Jung's drama (Queen In-hyun's Man, Nine)

SBS - The Legend of the Blue Sea (temporary title)

Story: Based on a Chosun tale about a fisherman catching a carp and releasing it back to the sea. Park Ji Eun's fantasy romance.

Anticipations: Center of hallyu Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Minho. Writer Park Jieun's second fantasy romance (You Who Came From the Stars). Unique subject of a 'carp'.

TVN - Goblin

Story: Strange cohabitation of a goblin who wants a human bride and a death angel who is an amnesiac. Sad, weird, and beautiful story of a goblin and a death angel.

Anticipations: Writer Kim Eun Sook's next drama after 'The Descendants of the Sun'. Unfamiliar but charming story. Kim Eun Sook's man Gong Yoo's change in the drama.


Other genres

TVN - 38 Task Force

Story: Their mission is to punish tax defaulters who falsely report their addresses and avoid paying tax. Collaboration of a civil servant Baek Sung Il and a scammer Yang Jung Do. A joyful drama of collecting tax from constant defaulters.

Anticipations: Seo Inguk's return to TVN. Bromance of Ma Dong Seok and Seo Inguk. New genre, a drama about scamming and tax evasion.

TVN - Good Wife

Story: A successful prosecutor husband gets arrested for political scandals and corruptions. His wife, who quit her lawyer job after getting married, returns to her position in 13 years to feed the family. As a lawyer again, she finds her true identity.

Anticipations: Movie-like line-up. Remake of an American drama. TVN's court drama.

TVN - Entourage Korea (temporary title)

Story: About a big management company CEO Kim Eun Gab, an actor, and a manager under the company. Reality and behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. Black comedy drama.

Anticipation: The original drama is very sexual. Collection of trendy stars. Stories of men.


Instiz: Anticipated dramas in the second half of 2016

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