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Baekhyun fans' support for his upcoming drama

Baekhyun Fan Union's support for 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo'

Baekhyun's Instagram ID engraved on his battery & a limited watch for him

Other gifts for the staff as well

Ice cream / desert at the drama shoot

Baekhyun thanking his fans for the support


Pann: Drama support for an idol

1. [+364, -257] It's amazing but I'm starting to frown at the excessive gift culture. I get that they're big fans but things shouldn't go beyond the limits. Showing their affection is nice but if it continues like this, actors and idols without gifts will feel inferior and get discriminated. It makes me worried.

2. [+203, -28] Baekhyun's watch gift is $18,000 and there's only a few of them in Korea

3. [+165, -29] His watch gift costed over $10,000... Hyunie is adored by Lee Junki, I'm looking forward to the drama.

4. [+85, -9] There are only 14 of these in Korea

5. [+81, -9] Excluding fansites, it'll still be $11,130 if fans spend $10 separately. The fansite admins must've spent hundreds and the money is from the earnings of photobooks and fansite goods that fans bought. It's not excessive, it's done collectively.

6. [+76, -4] Do you think all EXO-Ls are rich? We spend appropriately but there are too many of us, so there's a lot of money at the end.

7. [+72, -3] Hope the drama does well

8. [+60, -52] He's staring at the watch advertisement on purpose so that his fans will buy him one. In fact, his fans bought him the watch after this picture was posted. It was a calculated act by Baekhyun.

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