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A new dance competition show featuring idols

'Hit The Stage'

To start airing on July 27

About: A K-pop star and a professional dancer form a team and do a performance competition against another team. A new type of dance variety show.

Summary: idol + dancer vs. idol + dancer

Confirmed cast:

Taemin, Hyoyeon, Bora

Hoya, U-Kwon, Shownu

Momo, Ten


Instiz: A big show airing in July

- Taemin and Ten... Don't torture me like that

- I'm worried about Howon's ankle ㅠㅠ

- Jongin must guest on the show at least

- Wow, I personally think Momo is one of the best female idol dancers, good to see her there.

- Which group does Shownu belong to?

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