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Woohyun's solo album gets sold out

Article: Woohyun's first solo album "in short supply"... An additional production in emergency because first 50K are all sold out


Pann: Woohyun's physical copies are all sold out so the company is in emergency

1. [+125, -2] Yesterday, it was all sold out on Synnara, YES24, and etc. The fans were really flustered because we had to buy it to increase the first week sales but we couldn't ㅋㅋ Especially for online, it had to be Synnara but it was sold out, so the fans were both happy and frustrated. Offline stores also sold out his albums. I went to buy 5 copies but I could only buy 1. The reason why it's selling so well is because there are 25 tracks, 2 photobooks, a poster, a photocard, and even a limited edition. It's full of contents so it's twice heavier than other albums, but it's only $12~13. So cheap.

2. [+114, -0] Woollim babo.... Did they release a small amount of copies?

3. [+106, -0] The fans were happy and flustered ㅋㅋㅋ Fans reactions were "It's sold-out? Wowww!!!! Us fans are jjang ㅠㅠ" But we saw his rank going down and were like, "It's good that he sold out but we can't buy it anymore ㅠㅠ We want to make him #1 but we can't ㅠㅠ I want a limited edition...

4. [+69, -0] Infinite's physical sales are strong... The fans are also all-fans ㅋㅋ

5. [+67, -1] Hul... I'm sorry as a non-fan. I ordered his solo album... It's really high-quality, so I don't regret it. It's my first time of buying a non-bias album and also a solo album.

6. [+54, -0] Woollim-ah, did you think we were a joke and think 50K was enough?

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