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SM isn't doing well digitally in 2016?

Ryeowook - The Little Prince

Taemin - Press Your Number

Red Velvet - One of These Nights

NCT - The 7th Sense

Yesung - Here I Am


Instiz: SM isn't doing well digitally in 2016

- It's always the case for SM's digital tracks. People have a prejudice against SM so they don't bother to listen.

- I think Baekhyun & Suzy did really well though? Maybe it's because the song is not released by SM.

- Yesung's song is good but it wasn't promoted at all

- I think Taemin's music was too ahead. It's great musically but the audience of the song isn't that active.

- Taeyeon's Rain did well~

- SM artists have big fandoms and good songs but most of the times, their digital sales are poor

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