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BTS' new song 'Young Forever'

Pann: BTS's new song is so good, it made me cry

1. [+150, -5] Taehyung's voice sounds great when he says "forever we are young"

2. [+130, -4] This song is a b-side! The title track will be released on May 2. There will be three music videos, please support them~

3. [+127, -5] I just listened to the song and it's much better than I Need U and Run. It's personal preferences but Run is about the love of youth whereas this song is about not fearing the world. The lyrics have a strong message, the song sounds powerful, and I feel like my hurtful past is getting healed. I hope they continue to pursue this kind of music.

4. [+66, -0] I can guarantee that BTS' youth concept is revolutionary. BTS is youth and youth is BTS... The Most Beautiful Moment in Life is one of the top 5 concepts that I've ever seen.

5. [+63, -0] I'm a non-fan but I wowed as soon as I watched the music video. V's voice sounds refreshing.

6. [+63, -0] Namjoon's producing ㅠㅠ

7. [+57, -0] I really approve of BTS. I've been stanning my group for 10 years and I only care about them, but BTS is the only other group that I follow. Their lyrics are so good.

8. [+57, -0] V's high notes though ㅋㅋ

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