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BTS fansite sells unofficial goods copied from EXO's official goods?

Five BTS fansites collaborated and are selling these goods:

EXO's official goods:


Pann: BTS goods are similar to EXO's official goods

1. [+303, -10] EXO-Ls, you guys are on Twitter, right? If you don't, make an account and please throw tons of curses at 'Hi, Spring' fansite admin. I really hate how this fandom causes controversies when they're fansite admins... I hate getting into trouble with EXO-L, why do they do this... They gave a long feedback but what they said was basically "we're not at fault." Other than brainless Armies, Armies are not shielding them. Just days ago, there was another mess from international goods... Big Hit also told them not to make unofficial goods but they never listen... I didn't like them since they started following BTS' schedule.

2. [+274, -74] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If EXO-L did this, they would've gotten bashed so much but this issue isn't even blowing up. What kind of a logic is it to say unofficial goods are fine?

3. [+220, -9] 
The colored name tag - The 'Hi Spring' admin gave a feedback - "It doesn't matter because its color and text are different." This admin knows BTS' manager personally and gives him gifticons. That's how she finds out BTS' schedule. Armies also don't like her.
The name tag with black background - They're mass-selling it on Instiz. The seller apologized and said she'll refund it. She's in grade 12 and she's even selling her concert tickets to refund.
It's not done by the entire fandom. Armies are also demanding a feedback from the admin.

4. [+91, -115] I'm so sick of Big Hit and BTS' fandom trying to copy EXO

5. [+86, -39] If EXO-L did this, they would've gotten a lot of hate. But people are defending BTS and their fans... I didn't even think of bashing them but I find this situation funny.

6. [+76, -1] What's certain: 1) We're not criticizing the name tag itself. 2) The problem is that the name tag is hanging on the lightstick. 3) EXO's fandom was the first to hang a name tag on the lightstick and other fandoms never did the same.

7. [+76, -36] But BTS' goods aren't official so instead of bluntly bashing them, we should demand a feedback from the one that made it.

8. [+74, -4] Shouldn't there be a feedback from the admin, not from the fandom? It's the admin's fault to sell unofficial goods and she's also the one that made it. I don't want to defend her.

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