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Twice center: Nayeon vs Tzuyu

Nayeon: Practical center on Twice's album cover and on the stage

Tzuyu: Public center in Twice's CFs and the media


Pann: Twice center: Nayeon vs Tzuyu

1. [+98, -10] Before Twice was formed, Nayeon was famous as a visual trainee in JYP. Tzuyu became the visual after debut but the Korean members picked Nayeon as the prettiest member and fans also call her pretty. She's the center on the stage because she can sing. Tzuyu's singing isn't good enough to be a stage center.

2. [+94, -4] JYP promotes Nayeon as the center but CFs and the media want Tzuyu. Still, the practical center is Nayeon. Both deserve to be a center anyways ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They can take turns.

3. [+60, -8] Just like what you see on Produce 101, center is a very important role. The center changes the image of the entire group. Those that saw Twice first on music shows or the album cover find Twice as a typical traditional group that's pretty and cute because Nayeon is the center. Those that saw Twice first in CFs or variety shows think Twice is a legendary girl group that has looks and bodies because Tzuyu is the center.

4. [+46, -48] Isn't it Nayeon obviously?

5. [+41, -0] Tzuyu has a Seolhyun-like body and height, so she stands out in the group. But she can't sing and she's dark-skinned, so she's the center in CFs and other aspects, not on the stage.

6. [+39, -3] What do you think?

7. [+38, -11] Honestly, I find Nayeon a better center

8. [+36, -2] JYP promoted Nayeon a lot even before debut but Tzuyu hit really big

9. [+32, -1] Nayeon is a lookalike of Eugene who's a legendary idol beauty. Tzuyu is a new striking visual. Both can be a center.

10. [+32, -0] Nayeon looks cute and fresh. Tzuyu looks chic. So Tzuyu is the center in pictorials and CFs and Nayeon is the center on the stage. Both are pretty, the center doesn't matter. I like it the most when they're together.

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