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[Produce 101] Spoilers of third voting results?

Spoilers from an eliminated trainee:

22) SS Soohyun
19) Jellyfish Mina
18) MBK Chaeyeon
16) Jellyfish Nayoung
15) Pledis Nayoung
13) SS Haein
11) Musicworks Sohee
10) Star Empire Hyeri
9) DSP Chaekyung
7) Starship Yeonjung
6) M&H Chungha
5) Fantagio Doyeon
4) Redline Sohye
3) Fantagio Yoojung
2) Jellyfish Sejung
1) JYP Somi


Pann: Spoilers of third voting of Produce 101

1. [+326, -78] Everything aside, why is Sohye there? Wow... I'm even convinced that she's using cheats to get votes ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+237, -37] Somi is #1 for sure

3. [+233, -10] Don't Mina and Chaeyeon have a bigger fandom than Nayoung?

4. [+120, -6] Mina got screwed ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+116, -9] Are Sohye and Chaeyeon's ranks switched or something? Sohye-ya, are you really going to debut?

6. [+111, -7] Ugh... honestly, Somi and Sejung are going to debut for sure and they'll be in the same group. Rather than choosing #1, 2 from them, shouldn't they focus on other members that deserve to be in the group? Sohye isn't even sure about her singing career and she's not talented, but she's taking away the chance of other trainees that are talented and desperate. We need to gather and work on this.

7. [+100, -3] Why is Chaeyeon's rank so low?

8. [+78, -3] An actor trainee who's completely untalented should voluntarily leave Produce 101. If Sohye becomes a singer, she'll be nothing but a bother.

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