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More companies refuse to hire smokers

Pann: What do you think of companies that don't hire smokers?

(In this year, 14 major companies asked the applicants if they smoked.)

1. [+517, -13] It's the companies' choice to not hire smokers. If the applicants want to get hired, then they should quit smoking.

2. [+430, -15] Smokers always gather together and they stink. While others are working hard, they disturb the atmosphere by going out to smoke. I also won't hire them if I were a CEO.

3. [+360, -15] Don't try to get excused as a smoker. If you're frustrated, then quit smoking.

4. [+99, -0] I love it. More people are quitting smoking since the cigarette price increased and the companies are also doing the right thing. I would love it even more if the police catches those that smoke on a street.

5. [+91, -1] Fucking assholes. We're so busy with our work but they'd say, "Shall we go out for a smoke?" and leave. After 15 minutes, they come back and non-smokers have to do all the work. They also do their own politics when they smoke. Those idiots think that's what socializing is. Why would major companies hire these brainless idiots?

6. [+66, -0] Smokers affect others' health by just standing next to them. They have toxic substances in their bodies, so their existence is harmful enough. Quit smoking, everyone. And please don't smoke on a street.

7. [+63, -0] What smokers misunderstand is that they think they affect others only when they smoke. They don't know that their hands and clothes also smell and have nicotine. Smokers say, "I never bother others." I hope smokers realize that they're always bothering others, not just when they smoke.

8. [+60, -0] Break time is not the only time when they go to smoke. When others are working their butt off, smokers say they need to smoke and leave. Others have to do more work. Working at a workplace is teamwork, not individual work. I want to smack those smokers.

9. [+55, -0] At my previous workplace, male smokers would be absent for 30 minutes to smoke. They never leave alone, they leave as a group. As they smoke, they spread rumors and talk behind non-smokers' backs. Some people even leave 6 times a day. They reduce the efficiency of work, of course companies don't want to hire smokers.

10. [+48, -1] I hope more companies wouldn't hire smokers. They can't even bother to quit smoking, their self-care is 0.

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