February 19, 2016

Pukyong University casts 2EYES instead of Twice due to a mistake

Announcement: "The school president is not too familiar with celebrities... He got Twice and 2EYES mixed up, so 2EYES will be coming to our school instead of Twice. The president is sincerely sorry for his mistake. He tried to change it to some other singers but the cancellation charge was too much."

Naver article: Casting a wrong girl group for a welcome party of new students... Even an apology

The students recommended the president to cast Twice for the welcome party. But the president made a mistake of casting 2EYES instead.


Pann: Twice OT disaster at Pukyong University

1. [+224, -6] I wonder what 2EYES thought as they were reading the article ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Poor them.

2. [+156, -13] Ugh, the casting money is from the students' tuition... What a waste of money. They casted a nugu...

3. [+126, -1] I understand that he didn't know Twice but this is such a big mistake considering the money. The students must be so pissed off because they wasted their money. Poor 2EYES. Twice also missed an offer.

4. [+98, -0] I bet he casted 2EYES instead of Twice and kept the rest of the money

5. [+58, -0] Fortunately, both are girl groups. Imagine what would've happened if 2EYES was a male duet singing with guitars!!!!!

6. [+57, -0] 2EYES' strange loss

7. [+39, -0] Poor 2EYES... They're a sunbae...

8. [+39, -0] Twice and 2EYES are indeed confusing. Before Twice debuted, there was a picture of girls in front of a Skoolooks store. The store owner said it was 2EYES, so I thought they were. But now I realize that they were Twice, not 2EYES.