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Boy version of 'Produce 101' holds auditions + to debut 24 members

Big K-Pop project of 25 billion won, 'BOYS 24'

"The final 24 idol members after the auditions will be trained by the best trainers, systematic training, and be a permanent member on a music channel! They will perform live and promote at 'BOYS 24 Theater'! The top winner will get a chance to debut as a major!"


Instiz: Mnet is preparing a boy version of Produce 101

- They're picking 24 members? hul...

- It's very like AKB48... These days, I feel like I'm seeing a lot of AKB46 in Korea!

- I thought EXO was a lot but 24...

- Honestly, I think it'll be fun ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I just imagined male voices singing "pick me pick me pick me up"

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