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[Abnormal Summit E83] Running Man's popularity in Vietnam + rich folks

Article: 'Abnormal' Đỗ An Ninh, "Hallyu in Vietnam? 'Running Man' is still a trend"

Source: My Daily via Naver

Đỗ An Ninh: "I watched 'Dae Jang Geum' when I was young. I found hangul cute and this is why I started learning Korean. For hallyu, all singers and dramas are very popular. Especially 'Running Man' is still a trend."

1. [+1590, -23] Running Man is true hallyu... It's also popular in China

2. [+1462, -31] Asia's Prince is the one who benefited the most

3. [+791, -49] Wow... Đỗ An Ninh is handsome

4. [+125, -4] Its popularity died down in Korea but a variety show having this much of international popularity is really amazing when it's not even a singer or a drama... It's interesting enough that a variety show is holding fanmeets but the thousands of seats are also full... Running Man is the true hallyu show.

5. [+104, -6] I've lived in Malaysia. I went to the management office in my apartment to pay maintenance fee. The five female workers heard me speaking Korean on the phone. They asked me if I came from Korea, the country of Running Man. They screamed and went crazy. I felt the show's popularity ㅋㅋ

Article: 'Abnormal' Jun Hyun Moo, "In the past, I drifted away from my friends because our financial conditions didn't match"

Source: Xports News via Naver

Jun Hyun Moo: "There were these popular and cool kids in my university. They were also well-off so they didn't care who paid for a meal. Eventually, we took turns to pay for meals. We ate pasta that costed $2~30 per person. Each meal was around $6~70. I didn't show my feelings but I struggled financially. At the end, I stopped being friends with them."

1. [+181, -7] I agree with him... My university friends spent a lot of money and I naturally drifted away from them... I felt like I was being the only stingy one.

2. [+97, -4] After entering university, I went to Starbucks for the first time with my club friends and I saw the coffee prices that were around my work wage. I bought a coffee with them to fit in but I was extremely poor, so the cup of coffee made me really uncomfortable. It was nothing for them but even 10 cents were a waste for me. I hung out with them for a year but in the next year, they went overseas as exchange students without me. We naturally drifted away. I shouldn't have forced myself to hang out with them for a year...

3. [+86, -1] Seriously... You'll end up with nothing if you spend money like rich kids. I've heard so many stories on how poor kids live in small rented rooms but borrow money to drive foreign cars, buy brand purses, hang out at Gangnam clubs, and become friends with rich kids. They end up with a ton of debts.

Article: 'Abnormal' Alberto, "Zhang Yuan goes to expensive restaurants"... makes Zhang Yuan flustered

Source: OSEN via Naver

Alberto: "When I hang out with Yuan, he often goes to expensive restaurants. When I tell him that it's too expensive, he pays for me. The restaurants are $2~300 per person."

1. [+62, -1] He must be earning a lot of money

2. [+44, -4] It seems to be true ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+21, -3] Isn't he rich in the first place? Rich people should spend a lot of money for the money to circulate~

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