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Life lessons

Pann: Let's share life lessons

1. [+410, -7] If your pride is too strong, people will hate you behind your back. If your pride is too weak, people will hate you in your face.

2. [+371, -80] Don't give too much of your heart to someone. You'll end up being hurt and betrayed.

3. [+369, -9] Know when to be in and out

4. [+198, -3] If your friends are talking behind someone's back, just be like, "oh yeah?"

5. [+188, -7] Don't share secrets too easily even if it's someone that you're close to. I cried and told about how I got raped to my friend that I've known for 6 years. On the next day, everybody knew my story.

6. [+156, -7] Even if you live nicely, most people will look down on you. You have to live slyly.

7. [+156, -0] If it made you happy, it's a memory. If it made you hurt, it's an experience.

8. [+135, -7] If you're not sure whether to tell or not, don't tell. If you're not sure whether to eat or not, don't eat. If you're not sure whether to go or not, go. If you're not sure whether to buy or not, don't buy. If you're not sure whether to give or not, give.

9. [+131, -4] Be good to your parents, kids. I seriously felt this to my bones. Be nice when they're still alive.

10. [+126, -4] Be careful what you say.

11. [+114, -2] Never give big reactions when people are talking behind someone's back. You'll end up being the offender.

12. [+99, -0] Open you ears, close your mouth

13. [+91, -3] Don't show too much of your thoughts

14. [+90, -2] You have to have a fox side to avoid being an idiot

15. [+89, -10] Live like IU

16. [+84, -2] Read a lot of books. I didn't understand this saying but it really helps you in the future.

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