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Fans' comments on Hani ♥ Junsu

Pann: Hani and Xia Junsu are dating

1. [+384, -216] I'm a Hani fan and I honestly feel betrayed. I don't mind them dating but in interviews, she said she wasn't dating. Recently, she said she was feeling lonely because it's autumn and acted like she was single ㅠㅠ I didn't understand when girls got annoyed and said Hani was acting tomboyish. But they seem to be right. Girls know about girls.

2. [+313, -15] Hani should be forever thankful to the person who took the fancam of her. Thanks to the person, she gained fame, money, and a boyfriend whom she was a fan of...

3. [+271, -18] I heard that he had concerts on the day before yesterday and on the 29th... JYJ fans must be having a menboong ㅠㅠ

4. [+160, -4] It's only been a year since EXID got popular but the center member already has dating news. The fandom will be dispersed in many ways.

5. [+155, -2] Daebak... Dispatch must have a lot of dating news of celebrities.

6. [+152, -16] A journalist asked her, "Autumn makes you lonely. Are you dating?" Hani answered, "I honestly do want to date. But I think it'll be a burden to the person. I'm busy taking care of myself, how am I supposed to take care of someone else? And when I'm with my members, I feel like I'm at a school camp. I live like this everyday so I never feel lonely." What's this??? This interview was on August 30 and they were already dating. It's good that they're dating but she shouldn't be saying these things. How is she gonna clean the mess when she already said these things in an official interview?

7. [+114, -11] I can't imagine Junsu showing interest to Hani first. I just thought he'd date a non-celebrity. Honestly, it'd good for Hani to not date because she just got popular and she's in a group but who can reject Junsu though?

8. [+102, -3] I commented on Junsu's Instagram, "Junsu you liar ㅠㅠ Hope you guys last long" and someone flagged my comment, fuck

9. [+94, -62] I envy Hani so much... She's dating a handsome, tall, and well-off guy ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+89, -3] I thought Junsu would date a pretty non-celebrity. It's unexpected and shocking to see him dating a girl group member... I really liked Junsu.

11. [+84, -31] Hani doesn't seem to be that attached to her group. When her group just got popular, she said on broadcast that she was gonna quit her group activities in 5 years and made other members flustered. And now she has dating news when it's only been a year... Does she think her individual popularity is everything? I'm sure she also said it's not the time to be dating.

12. [+84, -12] JYJ fans are much cooler than I thought. "As long as Junsu is happy~ Junsu is not single so we should also stop being single. Let's continue voting. Congrats Junsu~" ㅋㅋㅋ

13. [+74, -4] The center member's dating news ㅋㅋ It'll affect the group a lot

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