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Eric asks hoobaes to avoid using orange, Shinhwa fans harass iKON + more

iKON's lightstick 'KONBAT'

Comparison of Shinhwa's lightstick and iKON's lighstick

Eric asks hoobaes to avoid using orange

Shinhwa Changjos trended "iKON eunuch" on Twitter

Jun Jin also posted on Instagram with a caption that emphasizes orange


Pann: iKON's lightstick

1. [+189, -51] I'm not a fan but Eric sounds pathetic enough ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why is he joining the fanwar when he doesn't even know what's going on? I liked Shinhwa because they're funny but Eric made them dislikeable. I honestly find it funny to fight over colors. So Eric doesn't want rookie groups to use orange? Then which colors should rookie groups use? I didn't expect Eric to act like this...

2. [+177, -43] Eric's tweet is thoughtless. Does he even know that his fans are sexually harassing his hoobae?

3. [+145, -25] iKON fans' reactions to Shinhw fans' eunuch insult



Pann: Eric directly targeted iKON fans

1. [+265, -91] I'm a non-fan but I think sexual insults deserve more criticisms than official colors

2. [+250, -105] Eric-ssi, are you OK with young kids getting sexual insults?

3. [+231, -73] iKON fans are actually being nice and are getting sexually harassed. How do you expect them to respond nicely when they're the ones getting attacked?

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