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Seventeen Wonwoo's fanpage takes the same name of SHINee Jonghyun's fanpage

SHINee Jonghyun's fanpage is called 'Guilty Pleasure' and a new fanpage of Seventeen Wonwoo took the same name.

Jonghyun's fanpage tweeted:

"I've been running my fanpage for 5 years with affection. I considered a lot to contact you. Please consider it one more time."

Seventeen's fanpage tweeted:

"Rather than a fanpage, I made this account to mainly share pictures. I decided to take this name because anyone can use it and it suits Wonwoo."

Jonghyun's fanpage tweeted back:

"Imagine that you've been running "Guilty Pleasure' for 5 years and someone makes a fanpage with the exact same name. It causes misunderstandings and people get confused. Do you think you'll be happy? You're a foreigner so you wouldn't understand the words but I'm sure you know the basic manners."

"Even if it's an account for posting pictures, I've never seen anyone taking the same name. I don't want to be mistaken because of the same name. Please consider my side."

"It can't be solved by ignoring me and staying silent. When are you going to give a feedback?"

"I asked politely because it's indeed a word that can be used by anyone. I started my fanpage to treasure my favorite kid and I've been working hard to maintain it for 5 years. If you're making a similar content, shouldn't you at least look up?"

"I can't hold it anymore because you're planning to ignore me until I stop. Your Korean seems good enough since you use Naver to look things up and your tweets don't sound like they were Google-translated."

"Don't say you didn't know because you're a foreigner. Did you not see the related searches when you searched the word on Naver? Don't say that you don't understand. Either ask someone or use a translator, although I'm sure you'll understand it well without a translator."

(Jonghyun's back with 'Guilty Pleasure' written)

(Their most recent tweet was 3 days ago)


Pann: Fanpage with the same name of other singer

1. [+129, -2] Even the title track of Jonghyun's solo album is Guilty Pleasure. Of course Shawols are sensitive about it.

2. [+127, -5] The fans are confused because of the same name, the admin had to hear unpleasant stuff, she's been running it for 5 years with affection, and Jonghyun knows the fanpage. It's upsetting how the person is staying silent. I hope this gets resolved soon.

3. [+122, -9] Ugh, what's wrong with them? I'm sorry to the admin and SHINee fans, I apologize instead. Performing with the name of the fanpage shows what it means to the SHINee member and the fans. Us fans are going to tweet them, please wait a bit.

4. [+41, -1] Our international fans are causing a lot of trouble, starting with Jisoo's issue... Sorry about that. We're going to tweet them.

5. [+36, -16] I also wouldn't be happy if someone uses the same name to make a fanpage of a nugu group

6. [+35, -0] Ah that fucking i-roach... Why is it always i-roaches that are causing trouble to Seventeen? Homo jokes, throwing a gift, stealing a fanpage name, and staying silent...
- What are homo jokes about?
- At a fansign, an i-fan asked on paper, "what does Mingyu mean to Wonwoo?" and the choices were 1) Wife 2) Girlfriend

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