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VIP's superiority results in attacking other boy groups?

Comments from Naver article:
"Bigbang vs EXO vs SuJu... 2015 MAMA nominees of 18 categories"

[+700, -429] How is EXO public-friendly? Except teenagers and women in their early 20's, people don't know any EXO's songs except Growl. They don't even know more than 3 members of EXO.

[+414, -173] Isn't this year Bigbang's year?

[+507, -266] Super Junior was never #1 digitally and never won #1 on music shows ㅋㅋㅋ

[+404, -?] EXO is getting all the votes but if we're counting digital ranking and all others, Bigbang will win... EXO will win the album of the year!

[+493, -143] This year's artist Bigbang. This year's song Bang Bang Bang. This year's album EXO.

[+343, -58] Stop bringing down other artists to praise your artist. It's not nice.

[+700, -429] Bigbang is the only top group. EXO is called public-friendly because they have too much fangirls.

[+766, -256] Bigbang should be on MAMA, honestly

[+637, -174] This year's artist will be Bigbang and this year's album will be EXO

[+815, -359] It's meaningless if Bigbang doesn't win the award

[+778, -?] Bigbang slayed digital sales, popularity, and everything else this year... I can only remember Bigbang's songs

[+5598, -2293] May Bigbang vs June Bigbang vs July Bigbang for this year

[+4104, -1461] Bigbang, please ㅠㅠ

[+3810, -1405] Hope Bigbang attends the awards!

[+3218, -1451] Super Junior never won #1 on a music show this time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ EXO is better, at least

(Pann also talks about how EXO is always dragged in Bigbang articles since Loser comeback)


Pann: Am I the only one who's frustrated with VIPs like these?

1. [+348, -136] Bigbang fans always look down on other boy groups

2. [+232, -384] But your bias respects Bigbang and no boy group can beat Bigbang. It's a fact ^^

3. [+186, -332] They're saying this because other boy groups are liked by fangirls only whereas Bigbang is liked by the public. Even if we don't leave comments like that, the public will side with Bigbang. Are you jealous? Just go on Facebook, you'll know~ Why try to drag us? Bigbang's career is amazing enough.

4. [+130, -74] Why are they treating Bigbang like a god? Honestly, I admit that GD's producing skill and Taeyang's singing are amazing. But other than those two, I don't find anything special from them. They're not at an artist's level. Bigbang fans need to stop looking down on other boy groups.

5. [+103, -23] Whenever I read posts like this, I get reminded of this

"'Bigbang is an artist. You can't compare them to other singers.' What a bull. Then who should we compare a singer to? Are you saying that we should compare a singer to an actor?"

6. [+86, -35] When Bigbang wins an award: "as expected of Bigbang." When Bigbang doesn't win an award: "award shows are meaningless these days." And yet they manipulate the music show votes that they claim to be meaningless ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+86, -54] How can you tell that those comments are written by VIPs though?

8. [+80, -52] But it's true that Bigbang is indeed very amazing

9. [+66, -50] I hope my singer doesn't end up like Bigbang

10. [+59, -47] It's because you guys are brainwashed. The media keeps talking about how Bigbang is talented and all. Seriously, try to objectively listen to Bigbang's albums that were released after Sunset Glow. Their songs aren't that special. Stop being brainwashed that Bigbang is a talented group and that Bigbang's songs are good. You'll find that Bigbang's songs sound like average idol songs. You'll find that Taeyang's live is unstable, and that GD's singing is terrible.

11. [+48, -9] Honestly, they're a 10-year sunbae group. And it's true that this year was successful for them.

12. [+47, -1] Us VIPs also really hate how people treat them like a god. Bigbang is an idol group and an artist like any other singer. GD treats any singer as an artist but the fans only treat Bigbang as an artist. I really hate it, it's cringe-worthy and only brings more hate towards Bigbang.

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