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Reasons why iKON can't surpass Winner?

(Winner on the right & iKON on the left)

Winner and iKON's reactions when their fans are calling from above

Different reactions of iKON & Winner

Winner members thanking iKON when they won #1

Kang Seungyoon on WIN:
"I won't be happy even if I win. I wish there was only one path for all of us. I know how hard dongsaengs worked and I really hate that we have to step on them to win..."

Song Mino: "None of 11 members have any reason to lose."

Junhoe: "If this was a movie, we shouldn't lose."

BI: "I don't want to be shaken because of my relationship with hyungs."

Team B plagiarizes a choreography

Winner gets praised by the original singer


Pann: iKON can never surpass Winner

1. [+272, -38] I'm in my mid-20's and Winner is neater and classier. Winner has a lot of fans in their 20's. People around me all choose Winner over iKON. iKON's fans are really young. I think iKON is not hungry. They're acting like top stars with the money Bigbang earns. Winner is in the same conditions but they're modest. Kang Seungyoon and Lee Seunghoon were on audition shows so they're more desperate. One of Taehyun's ears can't hear properly so he's sensitive when it comes to listening. So he feels more attached to music. iKON needs to be more desperate. They're a rookie group but already so arrogant. Dislikeable.

2. [+242, -27] They performed at Bigbang concert once and they said they'll get more popular than Bigbang in front of Bigbang fans ㅋㅋㅋ "We will climb the mountain that Bigbang couldn't." ㅋㅋㅋ They were at Dome thanks to Bigbang. Whereas Winner thanked Bigbang for the opportunity. I can't help but compare them. There was also a rude fan who was holding a banner of "I like Bobby oppa over GD oppa" and Bobby held the banner in his mouth ㅋㅋ This was at Bigbang concert. Bigbang fans were really upset on that day.

3. [+239, -22] When someone is dissing an idol sunbae... They're different from the roots.


Taehyun: "I respect all singers. I don't have any defensive feelings. Even if we do, it's the fans that give us the crown, so I don't write songs to try to beat other singers."

4. [+131, -12] So funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ iKON fans are the ones that made up the rumors of Nam Taehyun getting expelled from school. Now you guys are saying "let's be friends, don't cause hate"? You guys were the most excited ones when Song Mino and Taehyun had their controversies. I'm so speechless.

5. [+109, -17] How is this causing hate ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's all true

6. [+95, -6] This is a fact

7. [+91, -8] Honestly, even with looks and heights excluded, iKON still can't beat Winner with talents and morals.

8. [+77, -23] I'm a non-fan and I like Winner much more. iKON is dislikeable because of Bobby and BI.

9. [+70, -103] Don't cause hate. Why are you causing a fuss when both groups are close?

10. [+65, -4] iKON stans pretend to be close to Inner Circles when they're getting hate but when it's not working, they turn their backs at once ㅋㅋ Do you think we don't know? You've always been acting like this. Causing rumors of Taehyun getting expelled and bashed the most when Mino and Taehyun were controversial ㅋㅋ

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