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Melon manipulates IU's MV view? + comparisons with EXO, Bigbang, Taeyeon

Music video view of IU's Twenty Three is 1,593,835
It was released less than 2 weeks ago

Taeyeon's I was released long time ago but it's still charting high at #3~4
Her MV view is 784,134

Newest music videos of EXO and Bigbang:
EXO's Love Me Right has 877,567 view
Bigbang's Let's Not Fall in Love has 1,397,118 view
They were released before IU's Twenty Three but they have less views.


Pann: Raising suspicion of Melon manipulating IU

1. [+89, -19] It's really weird, what's happening? Well, Melon is owned by Loen, this kind of manipulation shouldn't be hard for them.

2. [+88, -28] As expected of Melon's daughter

3. [+73, -17] I thought Bigbang has the biggest public recognition from idols but IU fans are claming that Bigbang is only watched by their fans. And for EXO, isn't their number of fans basically the public?

4. [+31, -0] I honestly don't watch music videos on Melon, I watch them on Youtube

5. [+25, -29] It could be high though. For Taeyeon and EXO, their fans listen to them first but for IU, the public listens to her. And what does IU lack to be manipulating Melon? Stop coming up with conspiracy theories.

6. [+19, -13] IU and Sistar are Melon's daughters

7. [+14, -2] Taeyeon's Youtube view

8. [+13, -1] EXO's Youtube view

9. [+11, -2] I looked up Youtube

10. [+11, -6] Everybody knows that IU has big public recognition but Bigbang's public recognition is as big as hers and EXO has an insane amount of fans. But her MV view is too big comparing to them. Bigbang and EXO's MVs were released way before IU's but IU has a higher view when hers was released only 2 weeks ago. It's questionable. Her Youtube view doesn't even match, it's only the Melon view.

11. [+11, -5] I'm sure there's some manipulation going on, why wouldn't be?

12. [+9, -1] Even if IU has big public recognition, non-fans barely watch music videos on Melon, they use Youtube.

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