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Koreans surveyed on wanting to reborn in Korea & reasons

"If I were to reborn, I want to reborn in Korea again."
No: 56.9%
Yes: 43.1%

Reasons for no:
61.1% - competition
46.1% - employment
41.4% - specs

Reasons for yes:
47.4% - friendliness
33% - four seasons
21.3% - food
21.3 - infrastructure


Instiz: If I were to reborn, I want to reborn Korea again

- I don't really feel the friendliness anymore

- Yes for hangul and food delivery

- What if you choose to reborn in another country but end up going to a worse country though

- Korea is considerably a really good place to live

- I personally find it a great country to hang out with friends. Social problems exist in every country... I'd still feel a little bitter but if I could have the same parents, I'd want to reborn here.

- I just don't want to be born again...

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