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MBLAQ director undergoes an investigation for hitting Seungho

A, the director of Seungho's company, is undergoing an investigation for hitting Seungho at a bar at 3:10AM. Seungho called the police and reported that A hit him with a glass cup. He got his ear injured. But during the police investigation, Seungho said that he got slapped once. It's understood that A beat Seungho because of his arrogance while they were drinking together. The police is currently investigating.


Instiz: [Exclusive] MBLAQ leader Seungho gets beaten up by his company director

- A glass cup ㅠㅠ What if it injured him seriously

- Just sue them and leave the company

- Is he nuts??? Why beat up a kid?

- Hul no way ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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