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Boy groups on a downfall & rising groups & top groups

1) Teen Top - downfall after Rocking
2) B1A4 - downfall after Goodnight, Tried To Walk, and What's Happening
3) 2PM - My House is a complete flop
4) Super Junior - lost a lot of popularity
5) Boyfriend - got attention during debut, not anymore

1) Seventeen - quite popular
2) Bangtan Boys - increased recognition, big Korean/international fandom
3) BTOB - they were ambiguous and then Sungjae's Who Are You happened
4) GOT7 - quite a big fandom

Groups staying on top
1) Bigbang
2) EXO
3) SHINee
4) B2ST
5) Infinite


Pann: Can't refute this, idols that are on a downfall & rising

1. [+261, -138] BTOB is too ambiguous because only one member is popular. A lot of non-fans don't even know that Sungjae is in BTOB.

2. [+250, -60] SHINee's fourth album sold 300k digitally and it was #40 on an annual chart of Melon. It was in top 10 of Genie. How are they a flop ㅋㅋ More like your bias is a flop.

3. [+193, -325] I don't agree with BTOB... I don't think they'll get popular

4. [+111, -11] Everybody shut up. The top 5 is Bigbang, EXO, SHINee, B2ST, and Infinite. Agree?

5. [+75, -4] Grab a random adult on a street and ask them, "excuse me, do you know Infinite and B2ST?" Again, you ask, "then do you know Bangtan Boys?" What do you think they'll say? Only teenagers and fans know Bangtan. Do you think adults in their 30's will know Bangtan? Do you think men will know Bangtan Boys? They've at least heard of Infinite and B2ST.

6. [+75, -2] Leave B1A4 alone ㅠㅠ

7. [+72, -4] Isn't it true that BangEXShiBeaIn is the top?
(tn: this acronym doesn't seem to work in English...)

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