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BTS fans get criticized for their rude behavior towards other groups

Pann: It's time for Bangtan fans to know the reality

(Pann explains the success of EXO, Infinite, B1A4, Block B, Winner, and BTOB and criticizes Army's rude behavior towards other groups)

1. [+217, -40] Every fandom has rude fans but Armys are seriously extreme...

2. [+207, -35] They're #1 when it comes to picking up fights ㅋㅋ This is the only thing they're good at. The best reply and the upvotes gave me goosebumps.

3. [+120, -242] Us Armys know that we can't be included in ShiBeaIn and we don't want to be included, either. We already know the reality so you don't have to write a post like this.

4. [+85, -5] I seriously got goosebumps when I read a best reply that said Bangtan is surpassing Infinite... What kind of confidence do they have to be saying that they can beat Infinite? Do they not know Infinite's Be Mine in 2011 because Bangtan debuted late? Infinite didn't have big popularity before Be Mine but doesn't everybody know the song? Be honest. Not everybody knows I Need U. They're so shameless... Just know that this incident completely ruined Bangtan's image... Attack EXO if you can be a million seller. Let me explain ShiBeaIn because I'm so pissed off. B2ST's popularity during Fiction and On Rainy Days was the biggest. Fiction won #1 seven times and although it wasn't as much as Good Luck, that when when B2ST started winning #1. In that year, B2ST won the song of the year, which is like the daesang. B2ST's song was picked as the best song in the year. The nominees were Be Mine, Roly Poly, and Good Day. It wasn't robbing an empty house. B2ST's pre-release won #1 five times... Try winning #1 on 10 music shows with one song and try to get your concert sold out. SHINee's debut popularity was bigger than Bangtan's current popularity. Boys started wearing skinny jeans since Replay.

5. [+56, -5] Can't you just apologize properly instead of talking? They're like, "yeah we apologize, so fuck off."

6. [+43, -4] Every fandom has rude fans and they can overcome the crisis but rude Armys are the worst I've ever seen. They'll be gone in the future so just stay low for now.

7. [+37, -48] I think SHINee is the biggest victim from ShiBeaIn. Their earnings are bigger than Woollim and Cube combined but they're included with them.

8. [+37, -4] Really agreed... Armys need to be modest

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