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Model Kim Jin Kyung shows annoyed attitude for being a CL lookalike

Youtube video @ 0:03

Video summary - The designer on the left (Hwang Jae Geun) tells the model on the right (Kim Jin Kyung) that she looks like CL, and she shows annoyed attitude.


Pann: What do you think of model Kim Jin Kyung's reaction to CL on My Little Television?

1. [+110, -12] She can't even reach the tip of CL's toe when it comes to careers. It's so frustrating how she's laughing and getting mad just because of the looks.

2. [+105, -16] I'm so speechless. Hwang Jae Geun also acted rude to CL on a program and Jeremy Scott had to tell him off. I'm so dumbfounded. And the viewers of My Little Television piss me off more. Chaerin is getting insults when all she did was staying silent. I hope you fabulous people have good lives ^^ I also hope Kim Jin Kyung will slay the model industry ^^ CL is amazing for becoming a top celebrity in a look-centered society.

3. [+101, -14] It's so funny how they're a designer and a model with that kind of mentality

4. [+54, -3] Whether CL is pretty or not, will you be happy if someone gets called your lookalike and that person throws things and yells? Why are you supporting Kim Jin Kyung?

5. [+43, -10] She's a model and yet CL did more magazine covers, photo shoots, and has more designer connections.

6. [+38, -4] I heard that Kim Jin Kyung's boyfriend is a rapper Genius Nochang and he's a huge fan of CL ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I was so shocked when I watched the video... I thought it's not the Kim Jin Kyung I know of.

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