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Bangtan Boys' sexual dance?

Pann: The dance that doesn't get hate because they're a boy group

1. [+455, -163] Am the only one who frowns at this kind of stuff even if it's a boy group?

2. [+430, -348] What, they have this dance? It looks cheap

3. [+226, -72] If a girl group exposes their stomach like that, they'll get a lot of hate

4. [+134, -65] Do you even know what this is? They did this once in the music video, in the dance version, and they didn't pull their shirts up at other stages ㅋㅋ Who are you calling cheap? Your anonymous mouth looks cheaper.

5. [+127, -137] They only did it once. Why are you guys ganging up? Ever since they did it at debut, I never got to see their abs again.

6. [+113, -50] I'm honestly curious, is it really considered sexual? The comments here make it seem like it's porn or something. Am I open-minded?

7. [+84, -15] Whether it's a boy group or a girl group, it makes me frown when they expose their bodies like that. Only the fans like it.

8. [+77, -4] The OP and the comments here must've fainted when beast-dols were a trend

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