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The reason why there's no spoiler for Mask Best Singer

There's an audience at Mask Best Singer, but there was never any spoilers. The secret behind it is the contract. When the audience people enter the filming studio, the staff hands the contracts out to them. The contract asks them not to reveal anything on SNS, blogs or anywhere. If they do such thing, they have to pay the entire production cost for one episode. They can have their phones with them but the staff also gives them stickers to cover the phone cameras.

Source: Ilgan Sports


Instiz: [Exclusive] 'Mask Best Singer', one has to pay the production cost for one episode if they violate the contract

- This is better... And they film for 8 hours... it must be so tiring

- They have to do this to make the show more interesting. Hah... Infinity Challenge Music Festival....

- Yeah, my friend went there as the audience but she never told me anything. She said the contract says they could take legal actions. She didn't tell me anything except that her back hurt a lot

- So did Bugs pay the production cost?

- ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You've gotta be Mansour if you want to leak spoilers

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