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Spoilers of Infinity Challenge Music Festival partners

Article: [Exclusive] Yoo Jae Suk & Park Jin Young, Park Myung Soo & IU, etc. 'Infinity Challenge Music Festival' partners confirmed

Source: OSEN via Nate

(The confirmed partners are according to the picture above)

1. [+1996, -29] Obvious spoilers. Is MBC not suing this?

2. [+1685, -21] Spoilers though... They always bring down the fun aspect.

3. [+1557, -29] The journalist stole the viewers' right to watch

4. [+60, -15] Kwanghee always benefits by others ㅋㅋㅋㅋ His company buries Jang Dong Min and he becomes the new member of Infinity Challenge. This time, he's again going to get a good song thanks to GD and Taeyang. The king of being untalented.

5. [+48, -11] They all match well except Bigbang & Kwanghee

6. [+42, -6] The combinations I didn't want the most were Park Myung Soo & IU and Bigbang & Kwanghee. I can already tell Park Myung Soo being annoying to choose IU and IU having to pick him because they know each other personally. Do you really think Park Myung Soo will pull off an emotional ballad?

7. [+41, -9] Kwanghee & GD/Taeyang. Is Kwanghee going to dance only?

8. [+36, -8] What did GD and Taeyang do to deserve this? Kwanghee needs to low himself.

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