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Five idols who were pretty since they were young








Pann: Five idols who were pretty since the past

1. [+228, -56] Krystal is so pretty

2. [+192, -52] Wow, Soojung is crazy... She grew up really well

3. [+170, -96] Sulli is so pretty

4. [+88, -85] Put Sulli away. Her ulppas are still annoying. Her face boils my blood to think of the other members.

5. [+74, -27] Sulli looks really the same since she was a kid. Some people tend to grow their cheekbones or the face shape but Sulli was v-line since she was young.

6. [+62, -10] Suzy had good skin since back then

7. [+59, -19] Suzy looks the same, she's so pretty!

8. [+39, -5] I like you a lot ㅠㅠ The rest of them are also so pretty. I envy their genes...

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