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Taeyeon puts down engineering students?

When they were on radio:

Kangin: "Are you a student?"
Caller: "Yes I'm a university student."
Kangin: "Which university do you go to?"
Caller: "Uh it's a secret."
Taeyeon: "You don't do such thing like engineering, right?"
Caller: "Hm I don't know."


Instiz: Taeyeon puts down engineering students

- It's my first time of seeing this...

- What's wrong with engineering school, though?

- What kind of a stereotype does she have on engineering school?

- I've seen her insulting black people and nurses but I've never heard of this before

- Hul... Why is she talking like that... It's really hard to get into engineering school...

- It's interesting how all of these got buried ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Maybe it's reversed, she values engineering school higher?

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