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Taehyun's rude manners resurface

When Son Ho Jun pays his driver

When Winner Taehyun pays his parking fee

Taehyun is on a public ad as a bad example of respect to workers


Pann: An idol who gets a big backlash for paying parking fee rudely

1. [+223, -2] Some say he's getting his change back, but whether he's giving or receiving, he's still being arrogant.

2. [+200, -1] It doesn't matter whether he's giving or receiving money. He's still being disrespectful. Stop mentioning foreign countries as an example. This is Korea, not a foreign country.

3. [+191, -1] This is why celebrities have to have good personalities. They can ruin themselves at once. Look how he's giving money to an adult between his fingers. He wouldn't have done it if he had good manners in the first place.

4. [+78, -15] Pharmacy family, of course.

5. [+68, -4] The fans are on their way to shield him. "He's not giving money, he's receiving money~~!!"

6. [+67, -0] Fans shield him and say his mother way paying instead. But even without the situation, paying money between fingers is rude enough. What a rude kid... Your rude manners will show if you weren't taught how to be well-mannered.

7. [+66, -0] That's why your normal attitude is important... Your behavior without thinking will show how you really are.

8. [+53, -0] He looks really rude. Even my parents don't pay younger workers like that.

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