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How will the withdrawals affect Abnormal Summit? + Julian & Blair's SNS

Article: Sudden change of 'Abnormal Summit', will they get their 'best variety show' title back

Source: Xports News via Nate

1. [+809, -26] Ilya contributed a lot to the discussions and he was interesting. I don't understand why he's leaving.

2. [+734, -23] They're screwed... Why is the PD taking Julian and Ilya out ㅋㅋ And she deleted her Instagram account because she got scared ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+685, -28] Members' withdrawals are so random... The five members are all good and likable ㅠㅠ I like all members, I'm sad how a lot of them are leaving... I honestly think Sam should leave the show instead ㅠㅠ He was funny in early episodes but now he says things that are completely unrelated to the discussion and he never contributed in the late news segment.

4. [+88, -5] The MCs need to stop with their "dae~~jun". It's boring and it's embarrassing to see the foreigners laughing forcibly. I used to watch this show even if I was tired but at some point, I just went to bed instead of watching it. This show is not as fun as before.

5. [+88, -10] They should take Zhang Yuan out, they're taking out random people and are expecting to do well. I like Sam and Takuya but they're not suited on Abnormal Summit.

6. [+78, -3] Sujan and Ilya are a waste... They contributed a lot and Nepal was an interesting country because I was unfamiliar with it ㅠㅠ

7. [+75, -4] Who's going to talk against Tyler if Ilya is leaving...

8. [+73, -3] I don't understand Ilya's withdrawal

9. [+69, -1] What's wrong with JTBC staff? They got rid of Inside Story Salon for low ratings even though it was popular. They added an untalented chef to Take Care of the Fridge and brought hate to the broadcast station and the staff. Now even Abnormal Summit... I don't understand.

10. [+68, -10] Zhang Yuan seems like an ultrarightist

11. [+65, -5] Abnormal Summit is already screwed up. Is the staff out of their mind? Why are they taking Ilya and Julian out? Way to backstab the viewers when it's the first anniversary. I'll never watch Abnormal Summit again. They should expect the ratings to decrease.

12. [+57, -4] The PD isn't thinking... The viewers are dumbfounded. Take the Ghanaian and Chinese out.

13. [+54, -1] Why Ilya, though? He talks well, I don't understand his withdrawal. And yet they keep the panelists that have bad speech and pronunciation.

14. [+50, -2] I think the guests also have to do with the decrease in ratings. It's been decreasing since Jo Young Nam and Kim Tae Woo.

15. [+50, -1] No, I won't watch it. The show started to be boring since several weeks ago so I skimmed through the recent episodes. Do they think the members are making it boring? They don't see the problem. The MCs' useless gags. Some panelists can't discuss because of their poor Korean, and their discussions are not related to the topic. And why do these five members need to leave? Julian and Ilya are especially the core of the show. I'm definitely not going to watch it.


"#fashionista #mask fashion # let's be healthy"

Instiz: Julian seems to be going somewhere after withdrawing from Abnormal Summit

- I wonder why the staff has to take all my biases out

- Today is the filming day of Abnormal Summit ㅠㅠ

- He's one of the main members of Abnormal Summit... I can't believe it

"Don't worry~ See you soon! <3"

Instiz: Australia representative Blair's tweet after withdrawing from Abnormal Summit

- What is the staff thinking...

- You've worked hard

- They gave us this bullshit for the first anniversary!

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