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SM songs that were public hits

H.O.T - Candy

H.O.T - Happiness
S.E.S - I'm Your Girl

Shinhwa - Eusha Eusha
H.O.T - Light
S.E.S - Dreams Come True

Shinhwa - Wild Eyes

BoA - NO.1
S.E.S - Just In Love
Shinhwa - Perfect Man
Fly To The Sky - Sea of Love

Group S - I Swear
Fly To The Sky - Missing You
BoA - Atlantis Princess

TVXQ - Hug
Fly To The Sky - Gravity
BoA - My Name

BoA - Girls On Top

TVXQ - Mirotic

SNSD - Gee
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

EXO - Growl


Pann: SM songs that were public hits

1. [+140, -47] Where's Ring Ding Dong?

2. [+103, -44] I think Ring Ding Dong, Genie, Oh, and Hoot can be on the list. I personally think f(x)'s Electric Shock also did well

3. [+103, -24] SNSD has tons besides Gee

4. [+65, -10] This list is missing Into The New World and Ring Ding Dong. Some people ask why Growl is there but after the Growl promotions ended, so many comedy shows and dramas did parodies. For example, the proposal scene in Jang Bori is Here. And I think SHINee's Replay is hard to be here because adults don't really know, but it was so popular when it came out. After that, a lot of rookie idols copied the young boy concept

5. [+47, -9] Why are people underrating Growl? What does this have to do with the musicality of the song? No matter how jealous you are, experts praised the song ㅋㅋ You can easily hear the song on a street and it was still on Melon chart after 8 months. How does this lack public recognition? I understand that some songs are missing but Growl deserves to be here ㅋㅋ

6. [+42, -8] Ring Ding Dong was a big hit

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