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Popularity map of boy groups

Pann: Popularity map of idol groups

1. [+344, -355] Is EXO at the level of Bigbang?

2. [+266, -74] Bigbang and Infinite need to be higher, B1A4 needs to be much higher, and Winner and Boyfriend need to be lower

3. [+251, -4] Never mind their popularity, I'm confused why History is there. I'm not bashing them, do they even have the popularity? Is it because of Jang Yi Jung, the one who sang Friday?

4. [+91, -4] BAP is below Boyfriend? B1A4 is below VIXX, Bangtan and Winner?

5. [+86, -7] Bigbang's spot tells that this map doesn't make sense ㅋㅋ There's no group that has individual popualrity like Bigbang. Bigbang's popularity is a wall

6. [+82, -13] B1A4 is too low and Bangtan is too high

7. [+62, -4] B1A4 is too low. A lot of students know B1A4

8. [+60, -3] Bangta is not there yet. A plenty of people around me don't even know who Bangtan is

9. [+59, -44] Why is EXO so high

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