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Mixed opinions on Chorong and Jiae's voices

Pann: Idol's voice that gets mixed opinions

(Pann talks about Chorong & Jiae's voices)

1. [+233, -18] Fans always say "he/she has a good voice" if the idol can't sing. You're allowed to say this if the idol's voice is like Onew or Baek Yerin

2. [+99, -14] People actually like her voice? I really don't like it. I like fresh voices like Eunji's!

3. [+59, -83] I find their voices pretty because they're unique

4. [+40, -13] How does Chorong have a good voice? I really hate a voice like that. I don't like her even more because she can't sing

5. [+37, -4] I don't even know if she's singing or not

6. [+30, -17] I really hate Chorong's voice

7. [+29, -0] Yoo Jiae is the one that gets mixed opinions ㅋㅋ I was shocked at Jiae's part in Hi

8. [+27, -23] Jiae sounds good in Delight


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