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Lack of promotions for Wendy

Pann: Red Velvet Wendy must be a little sad

(Pann talks about how Red Velvet members are getting individual promotions except Wendy)

1. [+245, -5] I want to see Seungwan's singing face. I don't want to hear her voice while they show other members' faces. I like all five members but I want them to put a singing member in the center and show her face

2. [+221, -12] I'm non-fan. Red Velvet members are all pretty but I find Wendy the prettiest. It's all personal preferences but she has the brightest personalities and she works the hardest on variety shows and radio. I don't understand why they're not promoting her

3. [+216, -21] Wendy and Seulgi are singing the whole song but only Irene and Yeri are promoted because of their visuals

4. [+95, -0] Exactly, they only promote Irene and Yeri. Joy was like Yeri but after Yeri joined the group, Joy's been getting less promotions. At least Seulgi is the center with her unique looks and height. But Wendy only sings the song

5. [+90, -2] I can understand Irene's promotions because she debuted at a late age but Wendy is getting too little promotions. She's barely the center ㅠㅠ I don't even expect her to be the ending center. They should give her more parts and center roles. Or give them a reality show. Wendy is so talented, she was born to be a celebrity

6. [+76, -11] I'm non-fan but I also want them to promote Joy! After Yeri became the maknae, Joy looks less confident and she seems to have lost her spot ㅠㅠ

7. [+74, -5] Wendy looked the prettiest during the recent promotions

8. [+65, -14] I don't think any Red Velvet member lacks visual?

9. [+60, -1] Seungwan's singing is no joke and her personalities are charming ㅠㅠ I knew it when she shouted 'shine on me'. I love you Seungwan

10. [+57, -3] She's like Luna... Luna is generally liked and praised, Wendy will be like that! Find strength!

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