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Crime Scene 2 CP talks about the cast + Xiumin

Instiz: CP of Crime Scene 2 talks about each member (+Xiumin)

Park Jiyoon: She's very good. If you watch the broadcast, you can see that she knows about the crimes. She talks about the entire crime stories. But despite her talks, she sometimes picks a random person as the criminal. I don't know if she's pressured or just confused. When we film the show, we think, "she caught the criminal" but she ends up picking a random person. She over-thinks at the end so her choices are wrong many times.

Hong Jinho: I think he's pressured about season 2. He was good on season 1 and Jang Dongmin, Jang Jin, Hani and others have great specs, so he's very pressured. He has #1 complex. He tries to move forward and it's pressuring him. He just has to overcome that. And comparing to season 1, his variety skills are improving. On season 1, all he had was bad pronunciation but on this season, he's using his bad pronunciation for his jokes. He's much funnier.

Jang Jin: During the production conference, we predicted him to be the scariest one, and it turned out to be right. Us staff also thinks if we should start fighting against Jang Jin. It's not because he's a director, it's because he's logically correct and he even has imaginations beyond. His imaginations got his answer right on 'Beauty Pageant Murder' episode. We were surprised. The disadvantage of him is that he's confused if there aren't many evidences and he's frustrated if the puzzles don't fit.

Jang Dongmin: He's getting used to it. After episode 5~6, you'll see why Jang Dongmin is highly praised. He's especially good when he's the criminal. He's good with the criminal role. Usually, the casts feel pressured when they're the criminal but he said he prefers being the criminal.

Hani: She's the tonic on the show. She's very cute and innocent. She's reckless, she doesn't step back and she always thinks forward. She's never pressured despite the amazing cast. I think it's hard to find another idol like her. She works hard, she wants to find the criminal, and there are many cute aspects of her. She's the tonic that can't be hated. During the first three episodes, she didn't do well because she was awkward with the cast, but she told me not to worry because she's now close to them.

Xiumin: We were very worried about Xiumin for the three weeks. But after we finished, I found that his play was very different from other casts. He's quiet, he thinks a lot, and he finds the main points. He points out things that are hard to be thought about. We were surprised because his points were something we had never thought about. He's a unique one.


- I also wonder what they'd say about Kim Jihoon ㅠㅠ

- Minseok was so sexy when he was doing the briefing... My nose bled

- Excited to see XiVocal next week ㅠㅠㅠ

- Once you watch Crime Scene, you can't escape

- I got goosebumps at Jang Jin during the Pageant episode

- Hong Jinho and Park Jiyoon are not doing as good, maybe it's because they did really well on the first season.

- Jang Jin is so funny when he pulls a character that doesn't fit him ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Anticipating to see him as a dance singer next week ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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