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EXID plagiarizes Miss A and Girl's Day's dances?

Pann: EXID's choreography plagiarism

Miss A & Girl's Day


1. [+98, -23] Don't provoke Hani fans ㅋㅋ They think she's above Suzy, Yoona, and everyone else

2. [+57, -14] It's totally similar to Miss A

3. [+54, -4] Hani is getting hate because of her fans

4. [+27, -18] I just watched Miss A's stage and it really looks the same... No, this is basically Miss A's dance

5. [+23, -3] Look at the class of these fans ㅋㅋ A trend and a top are different. How long do you think Hani will last? And I'm non-fan but I also find this very similar

6. [+17, -6] Miss A's dance was a popular dance at clubs, it's very common. I don't know about Girl's Day's dance

7. [+14, -1] Their outfits reminds me of 4Minute's Crazy

8. [+10, -0] EXID fangirls are so rude these days. It's pathetic that they call themselves the best and they also bash other idols. They're already disliked by all other fandoms

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