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Sunk ship of LuMin

Pann: Who honestly misses LuMin?

1. [+164, -4] These guys and Tao and Sehun were said to be "friendship over borders"... They took care of each other and I was happy to see Minseok taking care of Luhan in Korea and Luhan taking care of Minseok in China. I wonder how much of your behavior were lies, Luhan. You called yourself a true man in Korea but the way you acted is not a true man, it's a loser. Betraying your friends, your team, and your fans for money. You should've just left with Wu Yifan. You used to be my bias but you're disgusting now. I hope you never run into EXO on Chinese broadcast or anywhere else

2. [+141, -7] It makes me mad... Luhan liked Xiumin so much and took care of him but left for money. Why do you miss him when he betrayed Xiumin? He chose money over Xiumin

3. [+110, -12] Don't you dare say this you fucker

4. [+50, -1] This couple is a new trend


5. [+30, -2] I used to ship LuMin hard... I'm not mad at the fact that their chemistry is over but I'm mad that he betrayed his friends. And that Rainy Spell ㅋㅋ I'm sure a lot of EXO-Ls can't see Rainy Spell after Kris and Luhan's betrayals ㅋㅋ Fuck

6. [+24, -3] Everybody shut the fuck up. WuLu is real. How dare you put Minseok and Luhan together? Traitors should date each other. Wu ♥ Lu

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