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CNBLUE Jungshin is an ilbe user?

Pann: An idol who is an ilbe user

CNBLUE Jungshin's Instagram:

"어디서자꾸부엉대노" (romanization: eodiseo-jakku-buong-daeno)

The literal translation would be, "where is this owl"

'daeno' at the end is a verb meaning 'to do' and 'buong' means an owl. His grammar is incorrect and the sentence sounds awkward.

In Korean, '~no' is a dialect of Kyungsang-do province, but it's also an ilbe term when posing a question. The 'no' is from the name of an ex-president Noh Moo Hyun, and it's because ilbe users make fun of him. 

'buong' (an owl) is also a term used by ilbe users to make fun of Noh Moo Hyun.

The use of '~no' wouldn't have been a problem if he didn't mention 'owl', which makes him an obvious ilbe user.

(TN: Sorry, this is very hard to translate because his sentence is grammatically incorrect, it has a dialect and it has ilbe meanings in complicated ways. So my explanations are all over the place. You have to understand Korean language to fully understand this.)


1. [+635, -11] He's not even from Busan. Why would a normal person say, "where is this owl" with the dialect just because there's an owl? He's 100% an ilbe user

2. [+196, -288] Busan people use "~no" as their dialect. Maybe we should change our tone, ugh

3. [+168, -454] Fuck, then are all Busan people ilbe users? I'm getting goosebumps at how people are liking this post. You don't even know about ilbe but you're just jumping on the conclusion, tsk tsk

4. [+159, -3] It would've been fine if he only used "~no" but he used it with an owl. It's suspicious

5. [+153, -21] If this was a female idol that you don't like, then you would've treated her like an ilbe bug already ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's disgusting how people are defending him. "Where is this owl"? It obviously sounds like an ilbe user. The picture doesn't even show much of an owl

6. [+147, -8] The problem is not the dialect of Kyungsang-do, it's the fact that he said, "buong-daeno". Buong = Noh Moo Hyun president committed suicide at Buong Stone, so ilbe users use this a lot (50% suspicious) '~no' = it's a dialect of Kyungsang-do, so it's hard to specify to ilbe users, but it's also used by ilbe users (+20% suspicious) Including both facts, there's a high chance of him being an ilbe user

7. [+124, -12] I'm from Kyungsang-do, but for that sentence, "buong-georino" is more correct than "buong-daeno"

8. [+93, -4] To those who are saying "~no" can't be the proof of ilbe because it's a dialect of Kyungsang-do - You're just defending him without even knowing about ilbe. Not just "~no", but mentioning an owl and saying, "buong-daeno" is seriously a symbol of ilbe. On ilbe, owl is the symbol of Noh Moo Hyun. They use this all the time. Saying "buong-daeno" is like their signature. I'm from Kyungsang-do but if we were to say, "where this this owl", we would say, "buong-georino". I don't even know who he is and I don't care if he's an ilbe user or not, but he's obviously an ilbe user. It's my first time of commenting because the fans are defending him without knowing anything

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