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Sojin talks about her terrible ex-boyfriend

Pann: Girl's Day Sojin's ex-boyfriend
"I usually am not good at dating. I think I pick wrong people. I dated someone for 2 years and a half. We had an anniversary day for the 500th. But he suddenly started getting mad at me and said, "why are you pressuring me!" I didn't understand so I asked him, "what have you even done for me?!" He replied, "I bought you a $5 bracelet and $10 earrings!" In 2 years, he only bought me two things. At that time, we were with his friends. A guy friend of mine called me so I went out to answer his call. When I came back, he flipped the table because I talked to a guy. My friend was only saying hi."
1. [+29, -5] But why does her face look so different from now?
2. [+19, -2] Hul, is that really Sojin?
3. [+7, -0] Is she Jang Dong Min?

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