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Inspirits bring conspiracy theories on MAMA

Pann: Bringing conspiracy theories of manipulations just because their singers didn't get an award

Comments made by Inspirits:

I'd rather give up the award then paying money to get it. I'm already proud that they got so popular from the bottom

What's the point of getting an award when the award show is known to be unfair? Even though we didn't get the award, Infinite's music is always the highest quality

Instead of winning a daesang at award shows, it's better to win #1 on fair charts like billboard since they're judging only on the musicality

Daesangs on MAMA (is it really unfair?)

SG Wannabe - Partner For Life

Bigbang - Lies
Super Junior - Don't Don
Epik High - Fan


Wonder Girls - Nobody
Bigbang - Haru Haru
TVXQ - Mirotic


2NE1 - I Don't Care
2PM - Again & Again
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker


Psy - Gangnam Style
Bigbang - Fantastic Baby
Super Junior - Sexy Free & Single


Cho Yong Pil - Bounce




1. [+344, -54] Inspirits need to stop with their conspiracy theories of manipulation, money, fandom, and companies. They're always doing this when they don't win an award. Honestly, they're doing this because they're denying the reality and to make themselves reasonable

2. [+307, -44] I don't care what they're doing but I was so mad when they hated EXO when they won a daesang. My kids worked so hard last year and they were ignoring EXO's hardwork

3. [+304, -37] Those that won daesangs are amazing, how is this an unfair award show? If they find it unfair, then they should come up with the total results of voting and sales to argue. The artists obviously deserved daesangs

4. [+80, -9] People would think Infinite is the only group that got popular since the bottom. Inspirits were the ones that called EXO flopped during Mama promotions. I'm speechless. For your information, EXO didn't rise to fame since their debut. They got popular after Mama and Wolf. Stop whining just because you didn't get an award. Do you think the judges are stupid? SM is not even changing the official lightstick because of the lack of money, so why would they even pay for this? So pathetic

5. [+67, -27] Inspirit-roaches are so annoying and arrogant these days

6. [+66, -2] Awards are not only based on the music itself. Musicality is needed but public recognition and voting are also included. For MAMA, they even count the fans' votes. If they wanted to win an award, then they should've voted. If your singer is not even nominated, then it's because you lack one of the criteria. Don't take award shows as a joke

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