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Hani says she won't renew her contract to become a psychological counselor

Pann: EXID Hani says she'll be a singer only until her contract expires

MHJ: "How long do you want to promote in EXID?"


Hani: "When my contract expires, I want to have another job."


MHJ: "Even though you still haven't negotiated with your company? What's the reason?"


Hani: "There's a field I want to study and work. My dream is to become a psychological counselor."


MHJ: "You're thinking this because you've had a lot of hard time."


Hani: "Since I was young, I had to compete with others. I was put in a same dorm with my members, and was told to live like a family. But I still had to compete with my fellow members."

MHJ: "I also lived the same way since I was eighteen..."


(Hani cries)


MHJ: "Now that you've talked about it, I hope you feel better."


(She's been taking cyber university courses to minor in psychology. Since Every Night promotions, Hani had already said she will not renew her contract to become a psychological counselor for trainees.)


1. [+254, -15] EXID didn't do well so she was preparing to become a psychological counselor after her contract expires. But she suddenly got popular with a fancam. She's surely happy but I'm sure she's also confused. She should work hard in EXID and think about a psychological counselor later. She could renew her contract and there are a lot of other options

2. [+171, -540] Then why did she become a singer?

3. [+160, -28] Hani is really pretty and is a natural beauty. She's also good at studying... Why did she have to become a singer? She should've pursued her studies and be happy. It's unfortunate

4. [+64, -0] I think she decided to become a psychological counselor after struggling to debut as an idol

5. [+42, -5] Must be hard for her... She'd feel pressured for her sudden popularity

6. [+37, -3] Hul... I think the fans would still want to see her, though

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