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Explanations of EXO Sehun's teaser

Pann: Explanations of EXO Sehun's teaser that give you goosebumps (God SM is amazing)

Sehun's teaser starts with this scene. The camera captures "7" on the wall. Sehun is 7. His birthday is also April 12 (4+1+2=7)

In after scenes of Sehun, the signs say,

PEABODY - proper noun of "company"
IPSDEN - place in England

PEABODY TRUST - "trust of a company" (taking a jab at Kris & Luhan)
IPSDEN PLATS - current spot where Sehun is

Sehun walks into a house and the trees get blown by the wind (Sehun = wind)

As Sehun walks into the house, he lightly hits an airplane (Kris = flying)
SM starts making fun of Kris & Luhan

There are two foreign kids in the house, and they're meant to be Kris & Luhan. Both are portrayed as "immature mentality". Including the airplane, the number of the toys is total of 7.

Sehun absorbs both's powers

7 appears again, and the trees are burnt outside of the window, meaning that Chanyeol had passed by

When Sehun leaves the house, the door is shut and the foreign kids are not there in the reflection. Sehun had absorbed both's powers and both can't escape from the room forever.

- "Two members that easily left"


1. [+117, -0] EXO-Ls are amazing for finding this out

2. [+99, -0] I always wonder if EXO members also know the meanings in their teasers and music videos

3. [+82, -0] I got goosebumps at Sehun entering and finding it half-frozen and the city on fire. God SM. I watched them at night and I thought the teasers and passcode were a horror movie

4. [+30, -0] I can only stare at Sehun's face. Those that find this out are amazing

5. [+22, -0] I think Sehun's teaser gives the most goosebumps

6. [+20, -0] Teaser class

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