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[Abnormal Summit] Opinions on Tyler

Pann: Tyler's well-mannered sayings

1. [+267, -6] There are many things we can learn from Tyler. When they were talking about discrimination, he said those that shout about discrimination are the ones that discriminate others. He also said discrimination exists everywhere and that the important thing is to deal with it. If I have a foreign friend like that, I'd buy them meat

2. [+245, -9] I like Tyler ㅋㅋ He's smart

3. [+137, -0] I don't know their private lives but judging by the discussions, Tyler, Daniel, and Alberto are the best ones

4. [+109, -11] Can Zhang Yuan please stop with his Sinocentrism? He seems like a nice person but his Sinocentrism is too much

5. [+109, -337] Robin and Julian, these idiots have the stupidest logic. It's time to change the members, they're useless

6. [+80, -4] I like Guillaume the most. Jun Hyun Moo knows when to stop but Yoo Se Yoon overdoes it sometimes. But Guillaume laughs it off when Robin and Julian tease him. Guillaume is the nicest one on Abnormal Summit

7. [+62, -79] But I hate how he always refutes others by saying, "don't just view one side of USA, my family is not like that, don't generalize". The panelists are just talking about the general image of USA but he nitpicks them all the time and tells them not to generalize. Makes me so annoyed. We already know that USA is not the only country with the image

8. [+54, -3] Guys, don't you see the most critical point here? Tyler tells others not to generalize USA with his smart words, but he's the one who makes the most generalizations. He's full of contradictions. If you watch the show objectively, you'll see it right away. Just because he's American, it doesn't mean that he's always right

9. [+47, -2] Alberto said, "of course, not everybody in the country is like that. There are exceptions. What we're talking about is just a general characteristic of the country." This is the answer. If we have to listen to Tyler, then we shouldn't even talk about the characteristics of countries, companies, or religions. When they said rich people show their wealth in USA, they all understood it. But Tyler argued and said not every American is like that. Just like Alberto said, no one actually thinks every American is like that. How can 300 million people be exactly the same? We're just talking about the country's image. In Korea, rich people are required to act modest because it's rude to show your wealth. But if we're going to go by Tyler, then we should say "Koreans are not modest because there are Koreans that show off their wealth." Yes, there are Koreans that show off their wealth but we're talking about a general tendency of the country. Telling them "not every American is like that" is not an argument, it's just an insist. People say, "Koreans have a quick culture, Koreans are passionate, and Koreans like spicy food". But according to Tyler, we can't even say this because there are Koreans that are slow, not passionate, and dislike spicy food. I like that Tyler has his own philosophical ideas but his patriotism erases his logical side

10. [+35, -0] I think Tyler is stressed because he's on three shows and he's preparing a thesis... Before that, he was still like, "I love America" but these days, he's like a girl on PMS. He starts showing nervousness when someone mentions America. He always had strong opinions but it seems severe recently

11. [+35, -2] Tyler doesn't suit on variety shows. I know that he's smart and all but I was disappointed with him on the last episode. When he mentioned The Wealth of Nations and international students in Korea to argue against Guillaume and other panelists, he showed that he thinks his knowledge is always above others. I get that he doesn't like generalizations, but as a representative of a country, how is he gonna participate in the discussions if he's gonna deny all the negative images of USA?

12. [+33, -0] It's not related but Sam doesn't speak these days. I want him to speak up about Ghanaian culture instead of throwing weird jokes and phrases

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