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Pitiful boy group fandoms

Pann: Pitiful boy group fandoms

- A lot of rude fans after Growl
B2uty (B2ST)
- A lot of rude fans after Fiction, they had decreased but recently, they're back
VIP (Bigbang)
- No comebacks
Baby (BAP)
- Lawsuit


1. [+136, -7] The problem is the rude fans. I hope Bigbang, EXO, B2ST, and BAP a success in 2015~
2. [+113, -37] It bothers me how EXO-L is a hated fandom after getting popular with Growl. EXO-L is a hard job
3. [+89, -12] B2ST had a ton of rude fans in 2010~2011. I had to go around apologizing because of them. People were even going to do a black ocean at 2011 Dream Concert. B2ST didn't do well in 2013 so the rude fans seemed to have gone but they're back because Goodluck and 12:30 did well. The rude fans are the problem
4. [+35, -0] Thank you for mentioning BAP. Let's win the lawsuit, BAP!!!

5. [+33, -0] Thank you. BAP, let's win this lawsuit

6. [+33, -1] Two years ago, Block B and BBC had the hardest time. I feel bad because BAP is facing a similar situation ㅠㅠ I'm sure they'll come back to the fans after winning the lawsuit. Hwaiting, fandoms!!

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