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Miss A vs 4Minute

Pann: Miss A and 4Minute


1. [+74, -6] Miss A sank after Suzy became a wall but Miss A swept rookie awards and daesang when they debuted

2. [+62, -8] 4Minute for talent. Both have similar popularity. Miss A for public recognition

3. [+55, -2] Only Suzy and Hyuna are popular from those groups. As a group, they both lack recognition

4. [+31, -14] The comments are underrating 4Minute... 4Minute was popular when they debuted with Hot Issue. Muzik, Heart To Heart, Mirror Mirror, Volume Up and I My Me Mine all did well

5. [+25, -19] Of course it's Miss A

6. [+25, -15] 4Minute

7. [+23, -9] Miss A for me

8. [+22, -15] Miss A, of course. They won #1 and daesang with their debut song

9. [+20, -16] If we're looking at them as groups, then it's 4Minute

10. [+18, -6] Miss A for me

11. [+16, -15] Why are people underrating 4Minute? 4Minute members can sing, dance, act, and are good on variety shows ㅠㅠ

12. [+13, -5] 4Minute has two useless members. Miss A doesn't have useless members but none of them are outstandingly talented, either

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