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Lovelyz's visual

Pann: Lovelyz's visual


1. [+100, -40] In every group, there are always 2~3 outstanding members. I've seen Lovelyz a lot because people post about them all the time but I still can't tell who is who. I heard that Kei is the visual but judging by these pictures, I don't think she is. I don't even remember their faces after scrolling down

2. [+59, -21] People think Lovelyz is very talented because their visual lacks but I don't feel offended because they are really talented. It's bad that they weren't able to show their talent during Candy Jelly Love but you can see their talent in their covers of Friday and We Are Never Getting Back Together

3. [+59, -17] Let's not use these profile pictures, the members look so bad in them ㅠㅠ They're pretty but these pictures don't show it ㅠㅠ They looked prettier pre-debut

4. [+28, -2] Girls would say Lee Mijoo is the visual and guys would say Kei and Soojung are the visuals

5. [+28, -27] I'm sorry but I don't know who Lovelyz is

6. [+27, -6] Yeah they're talented in singing only, happy? Who are you guys to be calling them bland-looking? Confident much?

7. [+23, -4] Woollim really sucks at taking profile pictures, please understand ㅠㅠ

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